The City is 100 percent dependent on groundwater for its water supply. Ordinances, regulations and policies are in place to help protect these resources. 

Cross Connection Program

City ordinance and State regulations are designed to protect public health by preventing the back flow of contaminated water or industrial processes into the public water supply.

Cross Connection Program Regulations:

  • Residents with lawn sprinkler systems must install a backflow prevention device (RPZ valve) at their homes. Installation of such devices helps protect the public water supply from contaminants or pollutants that could back flow through service connections into the public water supply.
  • RPZ valves must be installed by a licensed plumber and certified by a plumber with an IEPA Cross-Connection Control Device Inspection License (CCCDI) on an annual basis.
  • In addition to single-family homes with lawn irrigation systems, many businesses, apartment buildings, offices and other establishments are also required to install backflow prevention devices.

Backflow Device Inspection and Reporting Policy

The Backflow Prevention Device Code requires all backflow devices to be inspected, tested, and maintained on an annual basis to ensure the safety of the City's water supply system. The City has contracted with BRYCER, LLC to help manage the Backflow Device inspection, testing, and maintenance program.

All plumbers that perform inspection, testing, and maintenance services of Backflow Devices are required to:

  • Submit all compliant and non-compliant reports here
  • Pay a $12 filing fee per device; there is no fee to register the plumbing company with The Compliance Engine. 
  • Register with The Compliance Engine.