The City of Crystal Lake partners with Clarke Environmental for mosquito abatement services. The program monitors potential mosquito breeding sites in the Crystal Lake area and administers prehatch larvacide treatments. 

Mosquito Abatement Program Responsibilities

  • Monitors mosquito trap counts located throughout the City of Crystal Lake
  • Conducts community-wide mosquito spraying when trap count levels are too high
  • Conducts localized mosquito spraying before or during the Lakeside Festival
  • Posts mosquito information on newsletters, press releases, and social media
  • Decreases annoyance levels and the risk of West Nile Virus transmittal

Fighting mosquito bites reduces your risk of getting West Nile Virus, along with other diseases that mosquitoes carry. Residents who wish to report potential mosquito breeding areas, above normal mosquito levels, or would like to be notified by telephone the day of adult control in their area should contact the toll-free Mosquito Hotline.