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If you accumulate 5 or more unpaid parking violation notices of parking/compliance liability, your vehicle can be booted and impounded until all fines and penalties are paid. After 10 unpaid parking violation notices of parking/compliance liability, the City of Crystal Lake will send certification to the Secretary of State that you are eligible for driver's license suspension.

A Judgment may be entered on any final unpaid parking violation notices, and can be collected by several means, including: collection agency, credit bureau action, and post-judgment proceedings in court. 

Parking violators, subject to immobilization, are sent notification letters and have 14 days from the date of the letter to request a hearing. If a vehicle is immobilized with a wheel-locking boot, it will be removed only after all outstanding fines and fees have been paid, plus any towing and storage charges.

Payment of the tow fee and storage charges must be remitted to the tow company. Vehicle owners who pay to have their booted vehicles released may file a written request for a hearing with the City.

Vehicle owners may present any evidence to argue why the immobilization was an error and seek reimbursement. The boot process follows established City ordinance, and the hearings are conducted by an Administrative Law Judge.