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Public Safety Agencies in the State of Illinois use the Premise Alert Program. People with special needs provide information to Police, Fire, and EMS personnel; in the future, if public safety officials respond to a situation that involves special needs individual(s), the information will be provided to responders. 

The information will be confidential and only used to provide Police, Fire and EMS personnel with the information needed to deal with situations or emergencies involving a special needs person. The notification expires two years after the date of submission. You may update or renew the information at any time by submitting the Premise Alert Form.

Information shall be entered into the Premise Alert Program or verified by: the individual, family members, friends, caregivers, or medical personnel familiar with the individual.

For the purposes of the Premise Alert program "disability" and "special needs individual" are defined as:

  • "Disability" means an individual's physical or mental impairment substantially limits one or more of the major life activities; a record of such impairment; or when the individual is regarded as having such an impairment.
  • "Special needs individuals" means those individuals who have or are at increased risk for a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional condition and who also require health and related services of a type or amount beyond that required by individuals generally.