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Insurance Services Office

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has announced a change in the Public Protection Classification (PPC) for all residents and businesses served by the Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department; this includes the City of Crystal Lake, the Crystal Lake Rural Fire Protection District, and the Village of Lakewood. Effective October 1, 2016, the ISO PPC for the three jurisdictions will be as follows: Class 2.

Periodically, ISO conducts surveys of municipalities in order to update classifications for insurance rating purposes. ISO is a leading supplier of data and analytics for the property/ and casualty insurance industry.

Crystal Lake Rating

The previous classification rated 3 for areas with fire hydrants and 6 for areas without fire hydrants. ISO evaluates over 48,000 fire departments nationwide. The Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department is now only one of 1,060 fire departments in the nation to achieve this classification. This new designation places Crystal Lake Fire Rescue Department in the top 3.67% of fire departments in the nation for fire suppression services.