In an effort to plan for tornado events, the City has sixteen outdoor warning sirens placed strategically throughout the City to warn the public. The outdoor warning sirens are tested on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM for a one minute duration.

Common Outdoor Warning Siren Questions

  1. What should I do if I hear an outdoor warning siren?
    If you hear an outdoor warning siren, seek shelter inside immediately. Once inside, turn on a television or radio to learn further information. Local officials will disseminate information about the emergency through these outlets. Please do not call 911 when you hear the siren. Please use your television or radio to get these updates. 
  2. What can I do to be notified of an impending tornado inside my home or business?
    Equip your home or business with a NOAA Weather Radio. This valuable tool can provide you with detailed weather information. Click here for more information regarding NOAA Weather Radios. 
  3. Will the sirens provide an "All Clear" signal?
    No, the sirens will not be activated to indicate an "All Clear". The local news media provides any "All Clear" information.

Crystal Lake Siren Locations

The sirens are strategically located to provide the optimal coverage area for all City residents. 

Crystal Lake Siren System Coverage Map