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Roundabouts are becoming a more common solution to manage traffic at road intersections. The City is considering several locations for conversion to roundabout intersections, which include:

  • Two intersections along Congress Parkway (Exchange Drive and Federal Drive)
  • Crystal Lake Avenue and Walkup Avenue
  • Three intersections along Golf Course Road (Village Road, Alexandra Boulevard, and Concord Drive/Waterford Cut)

Roundabouts have several advantages over signalized intersections: They are safer and allow more traffic to flow through them. They also accommodate pedestrians and bicycles. Below is more information on these points. 


  • Studies have shown that roundabouts are safer than signalized intersections. 
  • Roundabouts reduce overall collisions by 39% and reduce fatal crashes by 90%. 
  • Please see this handout and brochure for more information. 


  • Studies have also shown that roundabouts have many operational benefits over signalized intersections.  
  • Roundabouts increase traffic capacity between 30 to 50% .
  • Roundabouts reduce vehicle delays by 89%. 
  • Roundabouts reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel efficiency.
  • This exhibit shows that most vehicle types, including large trucks, can navigate roundabouts.
  • Please see this handout for more information on the operational benefits of roundabouts.
  • This handout shows how to navigate through a roundabout. 

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accommodations

  • In roundabouts, crosswalks are set back from the intersection, which means drivers focus on the crossing and not other vehicles.
  • Vehicles have lower speeds entering and leaving the roundabout, which leads to better yielding rates. 
  • Please see this handout and brochure for more information.