Current Project Update

  • August 22, 2019: Regarding the Dartmoor Drive culvert - some of the structures for the sanitary sewer relocation work will be delivered by August 23 with the remaining structures anticipated to arrive by August 30. The contractor plans to be back onsite on September 3.
  • August 15, 2019: McHenry Avenue will reopen to traffic tomorrow, Friday, August 16. The City appreciates your patience while we completed this important and necessary project. Dartmoor Drive Project Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances outside of the City's and contractor’s control, the culvert improvement project at Dartmoor Drive is delayed. The manufacturing company of the new sanitary sewer structures for the Dartmoor culvert is experiencing major production delays. We will continue to provide updates and hope to resume work within the next 2-3 weeks.
  • August 7, 2019: The McHenry Avenue culvert replacement project is ongoing and the City is hopeful that the road will reopen by the end of next week (pending weather and unforeseen circumstances).
  • August  1, 2019: McHenry Avenue was closed Monday July 29 and the contractor immediately started working. The contractor hopes to be back working on the Dartmoor Drive culvert by early to mid-August.
  • July 30, 2019: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the culvert replacement at Dartmoor Drive was delayed. Work will resume on the Dartmoor Drive culvert by early to mid-August. The City has contacted Crystal Lake South High School so we can work together to find a safe solution for students that walk to the high school, as the culvert area will be under construction when school starts. 
  • July 29, 2019: McHenry Avenue at the creek (south of Barlina Road) is closed. Pending weather and unforeseen issues, the City is hopeful the road will reopen by August 14. Follow signed detour route.
  • July 24, 2019:  Nicor contractor crews are on schedule to complete their work at the McHenry Avenue culvert on July 25. AT&T has one day of work to relocate their facilities and they are scheduled for July 26. McHenry Avenue will be closed around 6 am on Monday, July 29.
  • July 18, 2019: Barlina Road opened back up to traffic on July 9. Nicor contractor crews are working at the McHenry Avenue culvert to relocate their facilities that are in conflict. They anticipate being complete July 24-26. McHenry Avenue is expected to be closed on Monday July 29.

General Information

Crystal Creek takes water out of Crystal Lake and passes under roads through culverts. These culverts will be removed and replaced. The Culvert Improvement Project is needed because the culverts are 50-75 years old and beyond their useful life. 

Residents along Riverside Drive West will need to access their homes via Country Club Road and residents along Riverside Drive East will need to access their homes via Broadway Avenue. Direct access to the Crystal Lake Country Club will not be affected.

Message boards will be placed along the roads to be closed notifying the public of the date of the road closure. Follow the City on Facebook or Twitter or sign up to receive email updates on the project.

The culverts are located along Crystal Creek at Broadway Avenue, Country Club Road, Barlina Avenue, McHenry Avenue, and Dartmoor Drive. McHenry Avenue will not be closed at the same time as Barlina Avenue and Dartmoor Drive.

Road Detour Routes

Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger version. 

 Barlina Road Culvert Detour 3
  Barlina Road Detour

 Broadway Culvert Detour 1
  Broadway Avenue Detour

Country Club Road Culvert 2
 Country Club Road Detour

 Dartmoor Drive Culvert 4
  Dartmoor Drive Detour

 McHenry Avenue Culvert 5
  McHenry Avenue Detour