Barlina 01
Barlina Avenue Culverts - Photo Taken in March 2019

Current Project Update
February 19, 2019: The contract was awarded to Copenhaver Construction.

General Information
Crystal Creek takes water out of Crystal Lake and passes under roads through culverts. These culverts will be removed and replaced. The Culvert Improvement Project is needed because the culverts are 50-75 years old and beyond their useful life. 

The contractor anticipates starting the project in April of 2019. The road closures of Barlina Avenue, McHenry Avenue, and Dartmoor Drive will occur during the summer months when school is not in session. In order to ensure a safer and quicker project, the roads will be closed during construction, which will take approximately 3-4 weeks.

Message boards will be placed along the roads to be closed notifying the public of the date of the road closure. Follow the City on Facebook or Twitter or sign up to receive email updates on the project.

The culverts are located along Crystal Creek at Broadway Avenue, Country Club Road, Barlina Avenue, McHenry Avenue, and Dartmoor Drive. McHenry Avenue will not be closed at the same time as Barlina Avenue and Dartmoor Drive.

Road Detour Routes
Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger version. 

 Barlina Road Culvert Detour 3
  Barlina Road Detour

 Broadway Culvert Detour 1
  Broadway Avenue Detour

Country Club Road Culvert 2
 Country Club Road Detour

 Dartmoor Drive Culvert 4
  Dartmoor Drive Detour

 McHenry Avenue Culvert 5
  McHenry Avenue Detour