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ez APP - Online Permits

The City's convenient 24/7 online building permit system is now available! Click here to start using ez APP. For help using the online permitting system, please reference the handouts available below or call the Building Division at (815) 356-3605 for assistance.

Virtual Inspections

Virtual inspections are now available for select residential and occupancy permits. Virtual inspections are done through a live video conference by a city inspector and the contractor or homeowner. By offering virtual inspections the City is providing a convenient and safe process for residents and small businesses to continue their projects without delay. Permits for projects such as water heaters, sump pumps, sewer repairs, basement/kitchen/bathroom remodels, and other minor permits are eligible for virtual inspections.

Scheduling a Virtual Inspection

  • Call Community Development at (815) 356-3605 or
  • Request an inspection through ez APP and add "virtual inspection" to the comment section. The City will verify and schedule the inspection.

Getting Ready for a Virtual Inspection

  • Download the free Zoom app on your mobile or handheld device.
  • You will receive an email with the link to the virtual inspection once it is scheduled.
  • Start the inspection outside with a view of the building/home ensuring the address is visible.
  • Enter the building and proceed to the inspection area ie: basement, bathroom or addition.
  • Follow directions from the city inspector to complete the inspection.

Permit Process

The Building Staff will work with you at every stage of your project to ensure a successful completion. The permit process involves three main steps: application, plan review, and inspection. Please contact the Building Division if your project needs a permit. 

Additionally, the Building Division has several guides for common projects to help with project plans and/or permit application. 

Building Permits Required

Residential and Commercial 

Building Permits Not Required

Residential and Commercial 
  • Fence Repair - Repair or Replacement of up to 2 fence panels or 3 support posts
  • Roof Repair - Repair or Replacement of up to an aggregate total 200 square feet of roofing material 
  • Siding Repair - Repair or Replacement of up to an aggregate total 200 square feet of siding material