Culvert Improvement Project

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  • What is the project?
    Crystal Creek takes water out of Crystal Lake and passes under roads through culverts. These culverts will be removed and replaced. The roads will need to be closed during construction (approximately 3-4 weeks). 
  • Where are the Culverts located?
    Along Crystal Creek at Broadway Avenue, Country Club Road, Barlina Road, McHenry Avenue, and Dartmoor Drive. Each of these roads will be closed during construction. McHenry Avenue will not be closed at the same time as Barlina Road and Dartmoor Drive.
  • Why is this project needed?
    The culverts are 50-75 years old. The culverts are beyond their useful life. 
  • When will the project happen?
    The contractor anticipates starting the project in April, 2019. The road closures of Barlina Road, McHenry Avenue, and Dartmoor Drive will occur in the summer when school is not in session. Roads will be closed during construction to ensure a faster and safer project.