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City Staff

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The City of Crystal Lake operates under a Council/Manager form of government. Under this plan, the administrative responsibility of the City is centralized in an appointed professional manager. The Mayor and City Council are responsible for creating city laws and setting the policy direction of the local government. Once the Mayor and City Council create a policy or approve some course of action for the City, the City Manager is responsible for executing or putting the policy in motion.

The City Manager is also responsible for preparing the City’s budget and presenting it to the elected officials for their approval, overseeing all city departments, preparing the City Council agendas, and providing the information support to the elected officials.

Most City departments and services are located within the City of Crystal Lake Municipal Complex, found at the intersection of Woodstock Street and Dole Avenue. The office hours are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
Miller, ScottPatrol CommanderPolice(815) 356-3603
Tonkin, ChristineBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Howard, BrettBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Bowers, ToddBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Fitzgerald, LaurrieSupport Services CoordinatorCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Brown, MartyPlans ExaminerCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Goebel, MaryDevelopment Services RepresentativeCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Kaus, DavePlumbing InspectorCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Rentzsch, MichelleCommunity Development DirectorCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Dodge, DavidPlans ExaminerCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Hagenow, RebeccaDevelopment Services RepresentativeCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Magnussen, MichaelBuilding CommissionerCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Gomez, TaniaDevelopment Services RepresentativeCommunity Development(815) 356-3605
Wajrowski, Mark Engineering InspectorPublic Works(815) 356-3614
Resek, AndrewWater & Sewer Division SuperintendentPublic Works(815) 356-3614
MacNally, JasonEngineering InspectorPublic Works(815) 356-3614
Wilgreen, AbigailCity EngineerPublic Works(815) 356-3614
Papp, CarlEngineering InspectorPublic Works(815) 356-3614
Mawdsley, JeffreyPublic Works AnalystPublic Works(815) 356-3614
Magnuson, Michael Director of Public WorksPublic Works(815) 356-3614
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