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The Historic Preservation Commission is a group of dedicated volunteers that have an interest in historic preservation and a deep sense of pride in the history of Crystal Lake.  The Commission meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM. 


The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) hears requests for landmark status, certificates of appropriateness, and grants. Additionally, the Commission plans and participates in many historic events and presents the Annual Heritage Tour

Annual Heritage Tour

Each year a new tour is created, highlighting a section of the City or time period in the City's history. Tickets are sold to the community and frequently sold out. Funds raised from the tour are used to provide matching grants. Additional information regarding the Annual Heritage Tour can be found here.

Landmark Program

The landmark program is an excellent way to preserve the history of Crystal Lake and your home. The City's landmark program bestows legal protection to a property for the purpose of preserving its public character and history. A land-marked property is recognized as a public asset that enriches the community of Crystal Lake by virtue of its architecture and/or the people and events associated with it. 

The Commission acts on behalf of the community and works to ensure the integrity of a land-marked property is not destroyed by demolition, inappropriate changes, or neglect. Landmark status preserves the exterior facade of your home or business.  

Landmark Program Application Process

The Landmark Program Application Process requires working with staff and HPC members to research your property's history. After receiving landmark status, you are eligible for grant funding. Land-marked properties receive a commemorative plaque, purchased by the commission, for public display. 

Property Renovations, Alterations, and Additions

Landmark status does not limit your enjoyment and use of your property. The Commission has created a guide outlining appropriate changes that can be made to properties. 

Any changes to a plaqued property require submittal and approval by the commission of a Certificate of Appropriateness. The Certificate of Appropriateness submittal requires details of the proposed work and any cost estimates. These cost estimates are also used to apply for the grant funding.

Matching Grant

The Historic Preservation Commission financially supports local history by dedicating the majority of money earned from fund raising to financial assistance for land-marked properties. The grant is a 50/50 matching grant up to $500 biannually for qualifying projects. The grant application requires approval of the Certificate of Appropriateness, all cost estimates and details about the proposed work including photographs. 

One requirement of the grant program is to have an approved Certificate of Appropriateness. The form is available here. The Commission will  approve or deny the request. Grant funds are not approved and disbursed until the completion of the work and all supporting documentation (final payment receipt and photographs) have been submitted to the commission.