The Economic Development Committee consists of nine volunteer members who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. The Committee is charged with providing recommendations for ways to expand and retain existing businesses in Crystal Lake, in addition to promoting the development opportunities within the City. 


The Economic Development Committee meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month beginning at 8:00 a.m. (exception: meetings will only be held the third Tuesdays in November and December).


Membership in the Economic Development Committee is structured as follows: the Committee consists of nine voting members. The Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce nominates one Committee member, the Main Street Program (Downtown Crystal Lake) nominates one Committee member, and the City Council nominates seven at-large members. 


The Committee’s mission includes the following:

  1. To review strategic Comprehensive Plan Amendments, legislative initiatives and proposed Ordinances to provide evaluation and direction.
  2. To act as a source for business leads that will be brought to the attention of City staff. The Committee is also responsible for providing information to staff relative to business development situations perceived or real affecting the business climate within the City.
  3. To develop and maintain listings of vacant and improved non-residential commercial and industrial business sites within the City of Crystal Lake.
  4. To develop and maintain an inventory of business grants and loans along with other benefits available to those operating within the City.
  5. To recommend the creation of multi-media presentations promoting Crystal Lake’s business opportunities.
  6. To develop a proposal to promote annual Economic Development Committee luncheons.
  7. To develop regularly scheduled progress reports to the City Council.

EDC Group Photo

From left to right:  Mary Margaret Maule, Steve Dalzell, Keith Saidler, Todd Schroll, Paul Leech, Jeff DeHaan, Brian Fowler, and Peter Affrunti (missing from photo: Haig Haleblian, Gary Reece, and Brett Rainwater)