Trails are open daily, year-round during park hours of operation.  Shoreline fishing is available until lake is ice-covered.  Enjoy walking, hiking, running and biking through over twenty-eight acres of restored native prairie flowers, originating off the parking facility.  All trails are "out-and-back" in design.

Two paved pedestrian/bike trails enter the park alongside the roadways, and the trail at Main Street connects with the McHenry County Conservation District Prairie Trail Bike Path, providing a convenient access point. 

East Trail (0.5 Miles)
The sandy trail starts by the Marina Building and winds its way along the East Shoreline.  A morning bass fishing favorite with easy access to the water and one stone fishing outcrop.  Stop at a park bench where you can rest and snap great pictures at the end of the trail before heading back.

Peninsula ("West") Trail (0.75 Miles)
Largest and most-popular trail, a 0.75-mile, sandy trail starting at the base of the entrance hill where the switchback blacktop walkway enters the park.  Meanders along the lake and connects to shoreline fishing, with two fishing piers and two stone fishing outcrops along the water's edge. 

Trail Shelters
All shelters are on a first come/first served basis.  No reservations.

West Trail Shelter: Near the end of the trail is a shelter with three picnic tables where you can enjoy a picnic (no fires allowed).  The shelter (shown below) is adjacent to the path, close to the trail's end.  It overlooks the South Lake and sits close to key shoreline fishing stations. Tables include three stationary picnic tables under the shelter and one stationary picnic table in the open.  No electricity.  Maximum of 20 people. 

Three Oaks West Trail Shelter overlooking lake
East Trail Shelter: The shelter (shown below) is located just off the gravel service road trail overlooking the North Lake in a private and peaceful setting.  Tables include two stationary picnic tables under the shelter and one stationary picnic table in the open.  No electricity.  Maximum attendance of 20 people.
Three Oaks Trail Shelter near Pedestrian Gate

Pet Rules
Dogs are only allowed on the trails if kept on a short leash and owner pickup rules are adhered to.  Dogs are not allowed in the water, picnic grounds, Marina or Lake House.  Convenient litter bags and drop stations are provided at the start of trails.  A doggie water station is available at the water fountain located near the Scuba Zone off the East Trail.  Pets should never be left in your vehicle.  Even on cool days, the sun can heat up the inside of a vehicle to very high temperatures.