Support Services

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Sergeant Charles Harris
815-356-3719 or email


The Crystal Lake Police Department’s Support Services Unit provides administrative support to the Department. It is supervised by a sergeant.  The unit has a number of specialty sections that provide the necessary support for police services, including:

  • Evidence & Property Room Section
  • Community Service Officers
  • Buildings, Grounds, Vehicles & Equipment Section

Evidence & Property Section
Evidence & Property Room Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm ***By Appointment Only***
Call Evidence and Property Custodian Deborah Abraham at 815-356-3794 or email to arrange an appointment.

The Evidence & Property Room Section is responsible for the receipt, storage, safekeeping, release and disposal of all evidence and property taken into the custody of the Crystal Lake Police Department, in accordance with Federal, State and Local laws and within the policies of the Crystal Lake Police Department.

In Illinois, the police are only required to store found property for six months. After six months, the police may either destroy, auction or convert the property to police department use. Most items of value, including bicycles, are sent to an on-line auction company used specifically by police departments across the nation. This web site may be found at