Public Water Supply

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Water Billing Inquiries

  • For water billing inquiries, please contact the Finance Department at (815) 459-2020 ext. 4015 or 4076 or by email at


If your school class or group would like a tour of a water treatment plant, please contact Andrew Resek at (815) 356-3614.

Water Sense

The City of Crystal Lake is a Water Sense Promotional Partner.

The City of Crystal Lake is 100% dependant on groundwater as its water source.  This finite resource must be conserved and protected for the next generation.  By installing water efficient fixtures and reducing indoor water use, our residents could generate a notable decline in water demand. For example, if all outdated toilets in Crystal Lake were updated to water efficient toilets, the demand to the water system may be reduced by up to 90,000 gallons of water per day.

For a list of water efficient appliances and fixtures, visit

Water Meter

Are you seeing a higher reading on your water meter than you expected?  Are you Using or Losing your water?