Public Works FAQ

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Flood Response

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  • Are tours of the wastewater facility available?

  • What happens to the waste that is treated from the water?

  • What may cause sewer gas odor in my house?

  • Where does my responsibility for the sanitary sewer service line end?

  • What should I do if my sewer service line is not draining or there is water/sewer coming back into my building?

  • What can I pour into my sanitary sewer service, via kitchen sink, laundry tub, floor drains, toilets, etc.?

  • Who do I call before I dig?

  • My sump pump runs frequently, causing a wet area in my lawn. Can I connect the sump pump to the storm sewer?

  • How hard is the water in Crystal Lake?

  • My outside water shut off (B-Box) is sticking up, what should I do?

  • What can cause my hot water to smell like sulfur or rotten eggs?

  • Is the valve next to the water meter my responsibility to repair?

  • Why do I have low pressure at one sink, but it seems fine at others?

  • Why does the water first appear white in color, and then clears over time?

  • When is leaf pick up?

  • When is brush pick up?

  • Can residents blow leaves and/or grasses into the roadways?

  • What is the Brush Drop-Off Program?

  • Can I plant a bush or tree in my parkway?

  • My parkway needs a tree trimmed or removed…

  • The streetlight is out in front of my house, who should I contact?

  • Will you pick up a dead animal in the roadway?

  • Is there an ordinance regarding weeds?

  • How can I get a traffic control signal installed in my neighborhood?

  • A City of Crystal Lake snowplow damaged my mailbox, will you fix it?

  • Why do the City snowplows push the snow from the street into my driveway?

  • Who should I call if I have a question about my water bill?

  • Who should I call to report a streetlight outage?

  • Can I plant a bush or tree in my parkway?

  • Who should I contact to report sidewalk damage?

  • What is the process to have a road resurfaced?