False Alarms

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In an effort to reduce the frequency in which our officers respond to false commercial security alarms, any business that violates City Code (154-20) relating to false alarms will be subject to a fine. 

We will not consider all false alarms as “billable.”  Evidence that violent weather conditions, electrical power failures, transmission line malfunctions, or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the alarm user caused the activation of an alarm will not count as a billable event.  The Police Department will send warning letters to any business in which a second billable false alarm was recorded by an officer within a 12 month period.  Any business that accumulates four (4) or more billable false alarm activations within a 12 month period will be subject to fines as noted in the table below.   

False Alarms per 12 Month Period


1-3 Activations

No Charge

4-5 Activations


6-7 Activations


8+ Activations