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City of Crystal Lake Information Available Through Twitter

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The City has a customer service tool aimed at providing convenient means of receiving information on road construction and other City news. Using the popular social networking site Twitter, the public can now sign up to receive text messages, or tweets, from the City. These messages will broadcast real-time information regarding road construction updates, traffic signal outages, parades, or other events that might require a change in a motorist’s route.

Independance Day ParadeTwitter is a popular blog technology that allows the posting of short text messages known as tweets. These messages can be shared with registered users via text enabled cell phones or personal computers with internet access. Twitter postings provide the ability for City Staff to send specific information to a target audience in a manner much less cumbersome than an all-encompassing website. The technology also allows government to interface with young adults in an atmosphere where they are comfortable and will engage on a frequent basis. This will also help relay vital information to local radio stations and newspaper. Tweets from the City will be concise and link to the City’s webpage or other websites if more information is available. Initially the primary focus of the City’s tweets will be mainly roadwork updates, as the intent is to avoid inundating users with messages from the City but still keep the service convenient, relevant, and as useful as possible.

How Do I Sign Up For Twitter?

  • Go to by following this link or typing it in your internet browser.
  • Under "New to Twitter?", click on the "Sign up for Twitter" yellow tab.

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  • On the Join Twitter Today page, provide your name, email address, and choose a username and password, and click “Create my account” at the bottom.

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  • Twitter will then send you an email to confirm your account. Follow the instruction in that email.
  • Congratulations! You have signed up for your Twitter Account.

How Do I Start Following the City’s Twitter Page?

  • When you log into your account, you will see at the top of the page a Find People link. Click on that link.
  • On the Find Accounts page, search for Crystal Lake IL. They City’s Twitter page will appear at the top of the results. Click on the link to get to the City’s Twitter page. 
  • On the City of Crystal Lake Twitter Page, click the Follow button to add Crystal Lake to your list of followers. 

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