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Risk of Water Service Lines Freezing

Post Date:01/29/2009

For more information, contact:
Eric Lecuyer, Director of Public Works

Crystal Lake – Due to the extreme cold that the area has experienced during the winter months, the frost covering the City has been able to penetrate deeper into the ground and reach some water service lines. When the frost reaches these depths, it is able to freeze the water and service lines, which can prevent residents from having access to water. A frozen service line can be costly to homeowners who must then call a plumber to thaw their exterior service line. Residents who have experienced this problem in the past may be at risk again. The City urges these residents to turn on one faucet in their home and leave it running at a trickle, with the water stream no wider than a pencil. This will allow the water to flow through the pipes, which will prevent it from freezing. In extreme cases, if frozen exterior service lines are left untreated, they can cause pipes to burst in a resident’s home.

If a resident experiences a water outage caused by freezing pipes, they should contact the Public Works Department at (815) 356-3614.
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