The Commission


Crystal Lake Fire Department, 1914
Crystal Lake Fire Department, 1914. (Click picture to enlarge)



The Commission
The Historic Preservation Commission is a group of dedicated volunteers that have an interest in historic preservation and a deep sense of pride in the history of Crystal Lake.  The Commission meets the first Thursday of each month in the evenings to hear requests for landmark status, certificates of appropriateness, and grant requests. They also plan and participate in many historic events in the city and present the annual Heritage Tour.

Current Members of the Historic Preservation Commission

Lee Ann Atwood (Chair)

Sarah Jackowiak

Diana Kenney

Lisa Solak

Robert Wyman

Jim Wyman

Linda Spencer

Commission Member Requirements

Members of the Commission are appointed by the City Council. The members are appointed on the basis of expertise, experience, or interest in historic preservation, architectural history, building construction, engineering, architecture, landscaping, finance, neighborhood organization, or real estate.

City Staff Representative 

Elizabeth Maxwell, Planner


Winter Sports at Crystal Lake
Early postcard of Crystal Lake. (Click picture to enlarge)