Division Programs

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Storm Sewer Construction WorkAndrew Resek, Water & Sewer Superintendent
Office: (815) 356-3614
Fax: (815) 356-3697
Email: aresek@crystallake.org


Sewer Division Programs

Cleaning and Televising (Internal Video Inspection) of Sanitary and Storm Sewer Systems

The Sewer Division operates an aggressive maintenance program that includes cleaning and televising sanitary sewers throughout the City.  The Division uses the CCTV (Closed Circuit Televising Unit) to:

  • internally inspect sanitary sewers for defects
  • determine service line connection locations
  • inspect overall conditions in order to determine the repair or replacement needs to assure timely service is provided to aging buried infrastructure.

Upgrade of Sanitary and Storm Sewer System Infrastructure

  • Every year the Division selects sanitary sewer line segments for improvements, which are usually completed by internally lining the sewer line segments with a fiberglass liner to eliminate ground water infiltration and cover defects in the pipe (such as cracks, holes, or weakened areas within the pipe).
  • Every year the Division replaces approximately two dozen storm drain inlets or catch basins that have failed due to age, street resurfacing programs, or are in need of improvements for better drainage.