K-9 Team

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As part of the Patrol Unit, our K-9 team consists of Officer Behning and his four-legged partner Ace.  Ace, a German Shepherd, joined the force in 2012 and is certified by the Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board of Illinois in patrol and narcotics detection specialties. In addition to Ace’s initial eight weeks of training, Officer Behning and Ace train at least eight hours weekly to further develop Ace’s detection and tracking skills. This maintains their state certification and strengthens the bond between handler and canine.

Officer Behning utilizes Ace for many situations including narcotics detection, evidence and building searches, article tracking, missing person or criminal suspect tracking, crowd control and even officer protection. Ace’s door on Officer Behning’s squad is specially equipped to have a remote release so Officer Behning can summon his partner’s assistance if needed during a threatening situation.

Crystal Lake’s K-9 team also serve a community relations and outreach role during public appearances with community groups, such as conducting skill demonstrations for school children or other civic groups.

The use of dog teams has proven to be an excellent tool for law enforcement. The dogs possess a keen sense of smell allowing them to quickly locate people and evidence. Also, the dogs offer the handler an element of safety through their natural instinct to protect. If you have any questions regarding the K-9 team, please call 815-356-3620.