Care Trak System

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The Care Trak system consists of a transmitter that is worn by individuals with Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Down’s Syndrome or a traumatic brain injury. The transmitter, barely larger than a standard wristwatch, is light and comfortable to wear. Any individual with the potential to wander is a candidate for the program. Care Trak is proud of the fact that every individual outfitted with the monitor who has wandered away has been located in thirty minutes or less. Recognizing the success of this system, the Crystal Lake Police Department stepped forward to be one of the first law enforcement agencies within McHenry County to have this capability. The McHenry County Mental Health Board has volunteered to monitor and maintain the system. The McHenry County Health Board will be responsible for the screening process to ensure each interested individual qualifies for participation in the program. The McHenry County Health Board will also be responsible for the monthly maintenance of replacing the wristband and battery for each transmitter.

Questions can be directed to Officer Eddie Pluviose at (815) 356-3731 or via email.