Bicycle Registration

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Bicycles in StorageEvery year the Crystal Lake Police Department recovers approximately 100 bicycles. Unfortunately, only a few of these bicycles are returned back to their owner. The Police Department takes all unclaimed bicycles to auction after six months. If you have lost or had your bicycle (or other property) stolen, please call the Crystal Lake Police Department to see if we have recovered your property. 

Along with keeping your bike locked up, it is also important  that you register your bike with the Police Department. Registering your bicycle is more than just applying a sticker, it also provides the police with a written record of the bike’s pertinent information, including the serial number. Having this information enables the police to enter the bike in the law enforcement computer system should it ever be stolen, or return it to you if it’s recovered. Best of all, it’s free!

Register your bike in person at the Police Department Monday - Friday between 8am and 6pm. A printable Bicycle Registration application may be completed prior to your arrival.