Street Resurfacing Program

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Annually, Engineering evaluates the surface condition of all City maintained streets to identify and prioritize roads that need maintenance. In addition, the street resurfacing program must also be kept within the constraints of the City’s established budget for this program.

Once a fiscally responsible program has been developed, the program is put out for competitive bid. The program is usually developed over the winter, with bidding in the early spring and construction occurring in early to midsummer.

Once a road has been resurfaced, the surface is expected to have a life of about twenty years. However, there are several variables that can affect the life expectancy of a road, including amount of traffic that drives on it, the type of soil beneath the road, and weather conditions.

Project Contact: Jason MacNally, Engineering and Building Inspector
Cell Phone: (815) 790-6948

2017 Street Resurfacing Program: 

  • March 21, 2017: The bid was awarded to Geske and Sons by the City Council.  
  • February 22, 2017: Bids were opened for the 2017 Street Resurfacing Program. The low bidder was Orange Crush, who subsequent to the bid opening, withdrew their bid. (Bid Tab)
2017 Street Resurfacing Program
Street From: To:
Arrowhead Lane Indian Hill Trail Burning Bush Trail
Burning Bush Trail Walkup Road East End
Cardiff Drive North End South End
Compost Drive Main Street Railroad ROW
Deer Run Arrowhead Lane Tomahawk Lane
Denton Court Aberdeen Drive Surrey Lane
Dolle Lane Pomeroy Street West End
East Street Prairie Street Crystal Lake Ave.
Elm Street Ash Street South End
Esther Street Walkup Avenue East End
Franklin Avenue Walkup Avenue Williams Street
Hull Lane Dartmoor Drive Surrey Lane
Lill Avenue College Avenue Wallace Avenue
Lincoln Parkway Crystal Lake Ave. Woodstock Street
Maple Street Ash Street Crystal Lake Ave
Marhill Court Dole Avenue East End
Newcastle Court Dartmoor Drive Dartmoor Drive
Old Westbury Court Old Westbury Road North End
Old Westbury Road Terra Cotta Road Glenbrook Road
Pingree Road Railroad Tracks North City Limits
Pomeroy Street Ash Street Crystal Lake Ave.
Rosedale Avenue McHenry Avenue Wallace Avenue
Seybrooke Lane Terra Cotta Road East End
Short Street East Street East End
South Street College Avenue Wallace Avenue
Surrey Lane Cardiff Drive Abbington Drive
Terra Cotta Road Dakota Street Nunda Trail
Tomahawk Lane Deer Run Burning Bush Trail
Various Alleys North of Downtown; Near Ester
Walkup Avenue Franklin Avenue South End
Wallace Avenue Franklin Avenue Union Street
Wyndmuir Court Wyndmuir Drive West End
Wyndmuir Drive Seybrooke Lane Terra Cotta Road

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