Annual Sidewalk and Curb Replacement Program

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Every year, the City sets aside money to repair potentially hazardous and damaged sidewalk throughout the City. Annually, one-quarter of the City is surveyed and all potentially hazardous sidewalks in this area are identified and put on a list. The City also accepts complaints from citizens about individual sidewalks, even if they are not in the area that is being surveyed that particular year. If you would like to alert the City of a potentially hazardous sidewalk, please contact the Engineering Division. If a sidewalk is determined very hazardous, a temporary repair will be made.

The City then takes the list of potentially hazardous and damaged sidewalks, prioritizes them, and puts out competitive bids for the replacement of sidewalk. Sidewalks that could be potential tripping hazards or are severely damaged are given a higher priority over those sidewalks that have mostly aesthetic damages.

Project Contact: Carl Papp, Engineering and Building Inspector
Phone: (815) 356-3605

2018 Project Updates:

  • March 20, 2018: The City Council formally awarded the contract for the 2018 program to Strada Construction Company. 
  • March 2, 2018: Bids were opened for the 2018 program. Strada Construction Company was the low bidder for the 2018 program.