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IntersectionThe Engineering Division is responsible for maintaining a high quality of life in Crystal Lake by ensuring that the City’s infrastructure is serving the public’s needs. Please contact Engineering for concerns with drainage, flooding, traffic, infrastructure, and street lights.

Traffic Signal Outages

Engineering is responsible for coordinating the maintenance of Traffic Signals. If you observe a traffic signal outage, please contact Engineering during normal business hours at (815) 356-3605, or you can alert the Crystal Lake Police at any time by dialing 911.

Street Light Outages 

Residential Street Light Outage - If you notice a street light that has burnt out or is not functioning in a residential neighborhood, please notify ComEd of the outage by clicking on this link and entering in the requested information -

Non-Residential Street Light Outage - If you notice a street light that has burnt out or is not functioning in a non-residential neighborhood, such as in a shopping center or along a main line roadway, please call Engineering at (815) 356-3605 with the following information:
• Location of Pole, including street address
• Type of material of the pole (wood, concrete, metal, etc.)
• Description of how the light is acting (is it blinking, completely burned out, etc.)
• The length of time the light has been malfunctioning, if known.

The City will notify the appropriate party regarding the street light outage. If you are unsure which agency to contact, please feel free to call Engineering for assistance. 

Right-of-Way Permits

If you are a public utility, and would like to apply for a permit to conduct work in the City’s right-of-way, please use the City’s ROWay online permit system. You can access the ROWay permit system at