Community Development

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The Community Development Department helps the City maintain and improve a vibrant business community while ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens. The Department accomplishes this through three distinct yet cooperative divisions: Building, Engineering, and Planning and Economic Development.


Frame ExteriorThe Building Division works with residents, business owners, and developers to build safe, high-quality improvements to their property. The Division works closely with the property owner throughout the design, permitting, and construction phases to assure that the project meets community standards, City Codes, and addresses life-safety matters. An interactive process helps keep the projects on schedule, provides a helpful business climate, and puts the customer first. The Building Division works with the public to maintain the high quality of life enjoyed by City residents. 

Services provided by the Building Division include: 
Permit Review and Processing
Building Code Enforcement
Property Maintenance Enforcement



The Engineering Division enhances and preserves natural resources and oversees public infrastructure improvements to ensure safe, high-quality improvements in the City. Engineering also reviews and inspects sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, roadways, grading, site drainage improvements, utility extensions and connections, and traffic related issues. The Division works with residents, business owners, and developers throughout the review and construction phases to provide a high level of customer service as an advocate for development within the City. The Division also assists residents with engineering issues, such as sump pump discharge issues, drainage issues, and traffic control concerns. 

Services provided by the Engineering Division include: 
• Roadway Infrastructure Design and Construction Oversight
• Permits and Development Reviews
• Flooding and Drainage Improvements
 Watershed Oversight
• Traffic Safety 


ED - Brink StreetThe Planning and Economic Development Division oversees the economic development, planning and zoning aspects of the City’s operations. The Division advances business recruitment and retention through several programs and initiatives. The Division also coordinates development proposals as they move through the City process, conducts plan reviews, and coordinates the City's Geographic Information Services (GIS) efforts. The Division also participates in several community organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Crystal Lake organization.  

Services provided by the Planning and Economic Development Division include: 
Business Recruitment and Retention
Development Review
Comprehensive Planning
Interactive Mapping